Awards Are Nice, But Cute Dogs Are Awesome

puppy in my arms

Arguably the biggest award show in the advertising industry, the Cannes Lions, has just wrapped up for the year. Finally, the raucous online chatter about who will be nominated, who was nominated and who actually won is coming to an end.

I do believe that awards can play a significant role in incentivizing and celebrating creative work but you can have too much of a good thing. I’ll be honest. After the second week of what felt like non-stop award discussion, my attention started to wane. Are you in the same boat?

This week, let’s look at something more lighthearted instead. A lot of the buzziest nominees at Cannes feature heavy topics – car crashes, feminism, gun control and more. Definitely important topics, but sometimes, when we’re continuously reminded of how much we need to overcome in this world, I can’t help but think… I wish I had a puppy.

And that’s part of the reason I love this ad so much:

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m not ashamed to share that when that older gentleman wiped a tear away, I did too.

Award-winning campaigns are great, but I will almost always watch any video with dogs in it – award-winning or not. 

Of course, in this spot, Ogilvy Brazil was actually supposed to highlight dog adoption. It would’ve been odd to not have dogs in the video.

What they did to bring this to the next level though, was target a specific niche of people that a larger demographic could still connect to.  Anyone can adopt a dog. However, this spot resonated with me as I, like so many Millennials, have a tattoo (although not one I regret getting). I completely understand the desire to alter an old tattoo.

But you don’t need to have an old tattoo to catch the feels. Ever been in love? Then this ad should call to you too. People DO do crazy things for love. Focus that love on someone worthy – a dog looking for a forever home. It’s terrific – understanding the problem of a niche group, providing a solution; and in doing so speaking to a universal human need at the same time.

Now the question is, how many dogs should I adopt today?

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