My Go-To List for Staying Plugged In

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In my previous post interviewing strategist Morgan Todd, she talked about the importance of staying plugged in. Even if you’re not interested in becoming a strategist, being plugged in can help you. But where do you start?

I personally have been grappling with this over the last few months. My decision to foray into advertising is recent. Although I’d been an observer for years (most of us keep track of Superbowl ads, right?), I’d never been more than casually interested until 2017. Now it’s my job and an ever-growing interest.

I threw myself into staying plugged in as much as I could. And over time, I’ve come to realise that I have a go-to list of resources I check beyond all others. Here’s where I go when I want to know what’s happening across the board.

  1. Adweek for all things advertising.
    If you read my #adweekchat post, you’ll know I’m fond of them. They have a great editorial and social media team pushing out content throughout the day. However, unlike some other ad compilation sites, not only do they seem to curate which ads make the cut to their online and print magazine, they also write about everything with an opinion or insight. They don’t just repost an ad without thought.
  2. Marketing Profs for advertising tactics.
    It’s useful to not only know what ads are being made but about the changing landscape of where it’s being distributed. Marketing Profs is constantly being updated with great articles on these changes. Is VR the right approach for your brand? You might start answering that question, and more, here.
  3. Fast Company for true influencers.
    When I say influencer here, I don’t mean the lifestyle blogger you follow on Instagram who gets paid to post a photo of her outfit of the day. I’m referring to two great lists Fast Company updates regularly – their Most Innovative Companies and Most Creative People. These spotlighted thought leaders all have fascinating things to share – be it industry specific trends, experiences in management, or sometimes even what their current go-to app is.
  4. Kantar for consumer behaviour insights.
    It may sound boring, but Kantar, and it’s collection of research and data focused brands, comes up with great articles on the reg. Their blog is full of articles I would be interested in even if I wasn’t in advertising. Articles such as, “From TV to… TV” appeal to my how-does-stuff-work/why-do-people-do-things interests.
  5. Cannes Lions for what’s new in creativity.
    I’ve never attended Cannes in person (a girl can dream) but nowadays it’s easy to see what’s being nominated, what’s being talked about and who wins a Cannes Lion from the online buzz around it. Pretty much every nominee submits amazing work. It’s always an inspiring way to see how some of the most creative thinkers across the globe are solving problems.

Where do you go to stay plugged in? What do you like to stay plugged in to? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Great piece, Fang.

    As you asked for other recommended sources to follow current developments in the ad/marketing/branding, here are two daily newsletters I recommend, one more for Canadian content and the other more for US/international subjects:
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    Hope this proves of interest to you.
    Keep up your excellent blog.
    Kind regards, Robert

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