Wealthsimple is Brilliantly Targeting Millennials

Wealthsimple supreme billboard

Financially, I’m your average Millennial. Money is a daunting subject. I earn it, I spend it, I save a tiny bit. I have credit card debt. I don’t invest.

Generally, I don’t feel like adverts about investments are directed at me.

They usually all feel like this.


Some older-than-me guy in a suit tells me I should stop listening to everyone else and invest with his company. That’s all well and good, and maybe if I were a steadily employed, white collar professional in my mid-40s I would watch the whole thing. But as a freelancing, still-in-the-beginning-of-my-career female in my 20s, I just don’t engage.

Until Wealthsimple came along.

In 2016, Wealthsimple came out with their first “Take Care of Yourself” commercial, and I was immediately intrigued. By an investment management service! It was a first. Here’s the commercial in full.


This spot lured me in for two main reasons. The protagonist matches my demographic both in age and likely did too in income bracket. (He’s not wearing a suit.) The message is simple and resonates with me: take care of yourself – by letting us take care of the present you, for the future you. It felt reassuring. It’s financial advice in everyday English.

The simple message is key.

I haven’t been financially active for very long and beyond the basics, I find money talk confusing. The only way I’d start investing is if I could do it with an ease of understanding and with ease of access. This spot addresses those worries. And it’s funny! I can only hope that my future self is as talented at table tennis as the older gentleman in the ad.

Shortly after, a few other commercials aired under the same campaign. They were all equally charming. The one with the pugs – I had a pug at the time I watched it. I was smitten. Wealthsimple translated future investments into tangible things that investors desired now. “Dear Money Gods,” I prayed, “Please send some windfall my way so I can invest with Wealthsimple. (And get more pugs.)”

That didn’t happen, but I made a similar prayer when their next campaign came out a year later.


This second campaign took a slightly different strategy. It used the idea of comparative advertising but instead of focusing on one competitor, focused on the barrage of investment advice that young people receive. Again, the same things stood out to me. I am that guy asking “What does that mean?” And their simple approach to investing can help me not be that guy.

Their most recent campaign, however, showed me that Wealthsimple goes above and beyond to engage their customer.

Less than a week ago, Wealthsimple published this photo on their website to reveal the new campaign.

Wealthsimple supreme billboard
Image from Wealthsimple.

At first, I thought, “A billboard? Who’s looking at those anymore?” And then I found out that this billboard was only a piece of the overall campaign, the “Supreme Retirement Plan”.

Even without knowing more details, I could see where this was going. It’s genius. As a fashion fanatic, I needed no introduction to Supreme. Supreme is a streetwear brand with a cult-like following and is especially buzzy right now due to a soon-to-launch collaboration with Louis Vuitton. A Supreme x Louis Vuitton trunk is expected to go for $68,500.00.

The billboard said it all. “1. Cop. 2. Flip. 3. Invest.” Yet again, Wealthsimple was speaking directly to me and doing so in terms that I understood.

If you didn’t immediately get it though, Wealthsimple had your back. The campaign in full can be found here – they break down the numbers that go into reselling Supreme. That’s what the link in the billboard directed you to. They were showing me how I could get on the path to become a Wealthsimple investor in the first place. They were creating new customers. 

Every Millennial I know is always reading the latest blog on how to retire by the time you’re 30 by cutting out fancy lattes/avocado toast/living in a big city. This tapped into that trend and took it further. It not only spoke to the urgency I feel about reaching financial stability, it also spoke to my desire to have a side hustle. (And I’m not alone.)

First, they showed me that they spoke my language. Then, they showed me how to make investment money. Wealthsimple, when I finally have enough financial stability to invest, I’m making a beeline for you.


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